Reading Habits Tag

Another Tuesday, another tag. Let’s do this!

I recently saw that Becca and Mike at Books and Looks on Youtube do this tag and after watching their video, Books and Looks video, I was inspired to do this tag myself, so here it is:

1.Do you have a specific place that you read?

Nope, I will read anywhere at any time. I am nuts like that. I cannot be bored so I carry a book everywhere with me so I can whip it out any chance I get.

2. Book mark or random piece of paper?

I used to only use book marks, but lately I have been using sticky notes more and more. They are just super convenient because I have them spread all over my house and I also use them to make notes while I am reading, so I am killing two birds with one stone.

3. Can you stop reading anywhere in a book or do you have to finish the chapter?

I have to finish the chapter, not really because I will get lost when I pick up the book again but more because of the fact that it just irks me for no real reason. I also like to measure my progress in books by chapters not page numbers.

4. Do you eat of drink while reading?

Kind of, I set up snacks and drinks up for myself when I read but I tend to forget about them until I finish a few chapter. I constantly have to reheat heated foods and beverages because they always go cold before I get to them. Anyone else have this issue?

5. Music or TV when reading?

I personally cannot read in silence but I cannot read while music is playing in the background, I find myself focusing on the music and singing along and then forgetting everything I have read. That being said, I love having the TV on in the background, mostly with horror movies because I am chicken, so I won’t want to watch the TV instead of reading, weird I know.

6. One book at a time or several?

I am a one book at a time person, because I am a major mood reader so when I am in the mood for a specific book, I tend to just sit and read the book and most likely finish it. I struggle with reading multiple book because I often the the plots and story line’s mixed up and I more often than not end up not finishing books when I try reading more than one at a time.

7. Reading at home or elsewhere?

I funnily enough struggle to read at home, because I more often than not end up watching Youtube Gaming videos than reading. So I often read at work or the library or pretty any where else.

8.  Read out loud or silently?

Definitely silently, I personally struggle with pronouncing words, so reading out loud take a lot of time and effort for me, and I read in public, so yeah.

9. Do you read ahead or skip pages?

Yup, I know, I know but when I am reading a book that I am not fully invested in, i tend to skip ahead or even read a few sentences at the end of the book, just to see whether it is continuing with the book. I also tend to skip chapters when it follows a POV that I don’t like, I often have to go back and read these to understand what is going on but it is satisfying in the moment.

10. Breaking the spine or keeping it pristine?

I would rather chew my left toe than break a book spine, if that answers your question 🙂

11. Do you write in your books?

Nope, I prefer to write in notebook or on sticky notes where I can keep my notes organised. I used to write in my books in school and it drove me insane because I always ran out of space and it really wasn’t neat.

And that is all the questions in this tag. I hope you guys have had an amazing day, and I will see you in the nest post.

Tootles, Gaby 🙂


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