TBR Tuesday #2

Okaayyy…So this week has been a fail with operation TBR. As in I didn’t finish as single book, yeah I don’t know either.

I went into this week planning on reading at least two books, but I have been reading so slow lately and even though I am really enjoying it, it doesn’t really help me with tackling my TBR pile…ugh.

So with that little ramble her is where my TBR stands this week:

TBR pile: 57 books
Books bought: 3
Books read from TBR: 1

So not a great start but hey, I am reading and enjoying the slow pace that I am maintaining so I am not too bummed about it.

Oh, how rude of me I didn’t even ask, how has your guys week been so far? Read any books? Done anything exciting? Please be sure to let me know because I am nosy like that 🙂

Tootles Gaby 🙂

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