TBR Tuesday #1

Hello there! Welcome to my first TBR Tuesday Post. This is a new series I will be starting on my blog, and although I am aware of the fact that a TBR Tuesday series does already exist (although I am not too sure who the actual creator is, or what the series involves) I plan on doing this series my own way, so it will be unique in that sense.

Believe me, I thought I was being all creative coming up with this title, only to discover it already exists, ugh.

Anyway, so my aim for this series is to motivate myself and hopefully you, to keep on top of my TBR. I will be keeping track of the amount of books I have added to my TBR and read from my TBR within the week. Now if you didn’t know, TBR stands for To-Be-Read, which is pretty much any book you own that you still need to read.

So I will be aiming to read a book from my TBR, for every new book I buy. I will also be including reading goals for every week to keep things a little interesting.

So feel free to join in if you want to and let me know how you get on if you do 🙂

Okay and now that I am done rambling, let me get started with my first TBR Tuesday…

TBR Tuesday #1

TBR pile: 55 books
Books Bought: 0
Reading goal for the week: Read Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters

And that is all, obviously as the weeks progress I will have more to say about how I did within the week. So I think that will be all, I hope you guys have an amazing week further and read loads of book! Bye for now 🙂

Tootles Gaby 🙂



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