Everything, Everything by Nicola Yoon. Book and Movie Review. (Spoiler Alert)


Everything, Everything follows the story of Maddy, and 18 year old girl who is allergic to everything. For the past 17 years Maddy has never left her house. Her days are made up of scheduled meals and check-ups. That is until Olly moves in next door. Olly poses a threat to Maddy’s safety bubble as he is determined to reach out to the mysterious girl who he has only ever seen through her bedroom window.

I am going to be splitting this review into 3 sections, section 1 will be dedicated to the movie, 2 will be dedicated to the book and section 3 will be a comparison between the two. Each section will be clearly marked to feel feel free to skip to the sections that interest you the most.



Quick bit of info:
~ Released on May 19th 2017
~ Director: Stella Meghie

First of all let me just say that I really enjoyed the movie as a separate entity to the book, this is probably due to the fact that I watched the movie before I read the book. However, as much as it goes against my very bookworm nature, I actually preferred it this way as I went into the cinema without any preconceived notions about what I should expect. This also prevented me from nitpicking details that are present in the movie that are not present in the book, these details added significantly to the cinematic experience overall.

I also really enjoyed the added visual text within scenes that added a quirkiness to the scenes that is present in Nicola Yoon’s writing. Awesome attention to detail!

Speaking of quirkiness, I really enjoyed the scenes where Maddy and Olly were having conversation in on of Maddy’s architecture models, with the astronaut just chilling in the background. There were so random but hilarious!

And the awkward scene where Maddy and Olly meet face to face for the first time was everything! The acting is definitely what made the scene, from the hunched shoulders, fidgeting, averted gazes and stunted speech, everything screamed awkwardness and I loved every single second of it.

On that note, I just wanted to add that I probably would not have enjoyed the movie half as much as I did if it weren’t for the amazing acting present in this movie especially that of Amandla Stenberg (Maddy) and Nick Robinson (Olly).

But on a slightly less positive not there were some aspects of the film that detracted from the overall story. Such as the fact that the issues of domestic abuse within Olly’s household, Maddy’s mom’s mental illness and Olly’s character are barely shown.

These aspects of the story add a significant amount to the emotional impact of the story and without them, the movie was left feeling more like a light-hearted romance than an emotional journey.

download (22)


Quick bit info:
~written by Nicola Yoon
~ Illustrated by David Yoon
~Published on September 1st 2015

Nicola Yoon is fast becoming one of my favorite authors. Her quirky writing style and ability to write a sentence that can hit you hard in the feels, makes me want to read anything she writes, so far I am 2 for 2.

However, talking about the book specifically I really enjoyed the little details that Nicola included in the story such as Maddy’s obsession with Astronauts and Olly’s all black style choices. These seemingly insignificant details contributed quite a lot to my enjoyment of the book.

I also really enjoyed the depth in which I got to explore the characters, from their quirks to their fears and their later character development.

Another major aspect of the book where themes of Mental Illness, Alcoholism and Domestic Abuse which where described in such a respectful yet eerily realistic way.

And the adorable illustration done by Nicola’s husband David added so much to my enjoyment of the book, along wit the added details of medical documents and lists. This overall kept the story engaging.

I also really enjoyed how slowly the relationship developed between Maddy and Olly in the book, it was slow and stunted which not only made it more realistic but adorable at the same time.


Overall I think they did a really good job with the book to movie adaptation with most of the important scenes from the book being directly “word for word” emulated in the movie, such as the hilarious Bundt cake scene.

There are some subtle differences between the book and the movies such as the fact that Olly is bald in the book but none of these bothered me as they didn’t really have a major impact of the story-line or my enjoyment of the movie.

I also really enjoyed the fact that there are some scenes in the movie that are not present in the book. This is because it did not affect the story-line and it improved the cinematic experience of the movie. An example is the scene in the movie where Olly decorates the wall of the sun-room with images of the ocean, so cute.

So here are my final thoughts:

~ The movie is really enjoyable with random and quirky details and scenes that give it a really lighthearted feel. The acting is also outstanding and I highly suggest you watch the movie before you read the book, scandalous I know.

~ The book is an absolute must read for any contemporary fan out there. I packs more of an emotional punch than the movie does but this is due to Nicola’s uncanny ability to hit you in the feels with a few carefully chosen words. It is a quick read due to the structure of the writing, I managed to finish it in one sitting.


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