I needed this book in my life…


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The story follows Adam a senior in high school whose thinks he has landed the jackpot when he lands the elective as the school psychologists aid. All the he has to do is text on his phone all period until the psychologist asks him to fetch a student who has been avoiding her. To Adam’s shock and delight it is his previous foster brother Julian who he hasn’t seen in five years. But Julian seems to be hiding a few secrets about his home life and the once loud and quirky Julian that Adam once knew seems to be gone.

You need to read this book. I needed to read this book. Everyone needs to read this book. I have never in my life been affected by a book as much as I have been affected by this book. When I finished the book I felt like I had had a life changing experience, I am not even kidding.

This book is gritty yet innocent at the same time. Serious topics such as child abuse, grief, family, friendship and ADHD are touched on in the book. Most of these are described through Julian’s innocent eyes this, for me at least, made them that much more shattering.

Friendship, especially the one between Julian and Adam, is a major theme throughout the book as well as the theme of Family.

There is also a massive emphasis on the importance of kindness, a topic not touched on very often in a lot of contemporary read.

There are two points of view in this book, Adam’s and Julian’s, each with their own distinguishable voices that keep you aware of which point of view you are reading.

Overall, this is a highly emotional yet heart warming story that I am personally grateful I read.

Tootles Gaby 🙂


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