Absolutely Adorable!

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I am going to keep this short and sweet because I honestly think you guys would enjoy the book a lot more if you know nothing about it at all so all I am going to say is that the story follows Simon a gay teenage boy who hasn’t come out yet. He has secretly been exchanging emails with the mysterious Blue who he feels an undeniable connection with. This is threatened when someone gets a hold of his private emails and starts to blackmail Simon.

I absolutely adored this book, Becky Albertalli is quickly becoming one of my favorite authors with her quirky and straight forward style of writing that cracks me up.

First off I really enjoy how diverse the characters within this book are and in my opinion Becky managed to successfully and respectfully represent the LGBT community within this book. With Simon being more concerned with the effort it would take to come out than the consequences of coming out, this is a really unique take on coming out.

I also really enjoyed the characters within this book, especially Simon with his quirky, laid back attitude and matter of fact way of speaking. He just says whatever he thinks and I adore him for that.

I also think its apt to note that I read this book in 3 days, whenever I got a spare moment I read a few pages, I needed to find out what happens.

Overall, this was a really fun filled and cute contemporary read that leaves me feeling the warm fuzzies whenever I think of it! Definitely worth the read.


2 thoughts on “Absolutely Adorable!

    1. Hi there, yes I have read the upside of unrequited and I actually enjoyed this book more just simply because I really enjoyed the characters. But overall they are both really good book and if you can you should give this one a try 🙂

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