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4/5 stars

This story follows Molly is a seventeen year old girl who has had 26 crushes and exactly 0 boyfriends- a relatable situation to be in for most teenagers. Molly has a deep set fear of rejection, which often times leads her to not actively pursuing her crushes, which is the way she likes it, until Molly’s twin sister Cassie finds herself a new girlfriend, leaving Molly with an abundance of time alone. However, there are perks to having a sister with a girlfriend, aka a cute cute guy friends who is possible boyfriend material. But when Molly starts her new job she meets Reid, a cute Nerd, who sparks a bit of romantic interest as well.

One of my favorite things about this book is how relatable alot of situation that characters find themselves in are. Now I don’t want to give any spoilers away so I will refer back to my previous comment about how relatable Molly’s situation with having had a lot of crushes but no boyfriends.

Another major aspect of the story that I found to be really endearing is the amount of “subtle” diversity that is portrayed in this book, for instance Molly overweight and so is Reid, Molly’s parents are two woman with one being pan-sexual, Molly’s twin sister Cassie is bisexual with a Korean-American girlfriend and Molly suffers from Anxiety. All of these diverse aspects of the book are approached, in my opinion, rather respectfully without a huge deal being made out of them, they are just the “norm”.

Above and beyond that is the major topic of Family which remains a constant throughout the story. Molly’s family represents a strong and healthy family dynamic with it realistic squabbles and issues.

I also really enjoyed how realistically teenagers are portrayed within this book with situations of open drinking, talk of sex, body image issues and lying to parents being present.

The characters themselves were intriguing with each being unique in their own way, especially Reid and Molly, I love these characters so much. Reid is a uber Nerd that rocks fandom shirts, stark white sneakers and can eat cadbury eggs all year round and Molly is artistic with a rather quirky imagination.

Overall, this was a highly entertaining read, fun and cute read. The kind I have come to expect from Becky Albertalli.


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