All the emotions! (Spoiler free review)

First up I did promise no spoilers and I keep my promises buuut, if you haven’t read the first book 1) what are you doing here and 2) please rather read my review of the first book then, go read it, love it and tell me all bout how much you loved it 🙂

With that out of the way let me give you a little synopsis…

Kelsea Glynn is now the Queen of the Tearling, she has proven herself to be a fierce but fair ruler but her work has just begun. Having crossed the Red Queen, Kelsea now finds herself facing a Mort invasion and she will need all the help she can get, even from those she could never trust.

Phew that was hard to do without any spoiler (wipes sweaty forehead).

Now let me tell you about how much I absolutely love this book! Which feels really weird coming out of my mouth, or being typed on my keyboard, considering this is the second book in a trilogy. Nuff said :3

But the pacing of the book was amazing, enough time was given between chapters for me to understand each development within the plot line, but it was dragged out to the point that I lost interest.

Then the character development, it gave me life! I find myself either loving or sympathizing with all the characters, yes even the Red Queen (Gasp!).

But the saving grace of this book for me is the plotline, all I am going to say is politics, politics, emotions and politics. I am so helpful I know 🙂


So in conclusion, an amazing must read for all fantasy lovers. Five stars all round.

FYI, try to be a patient reader, it took me awhile to finish this book aswell but it was and will be worth it.


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